Chris Amodeo


Chris Amodeo’s burst into music late in life has been a wonderful surprise. As a Rolfer®, Shaman and voiceover artist, he already lives an unusual life. ”I’ve spent the last 28 years in my little magic box helping people explore their own patterns and navigate transformation. Now, with the music, it’s still about transformation…. it’s just being delivered differently in a way that’s more familiar, accessible and fun .”

” I think people are hungry for what’s real, soulful and transparent, more than ever in this jaded, post-meltdown world. Now music can offer more than the status quo in this new, internet-based “free-for-all”. The epitome of rock’n roll has always been to challenge the status quo. Artists don’t have to play down to some vast demographic. We’re already seeing too much dumbing down of our culture…just look at what most of the world watches on Youtube. Reality is degrading to what the movie Idiocracy portrayed. We have a billionaire real estate tycoon/ reality tv star as our President. It doesn’t get much more surreal than that. What I’m doing has an underlying shamanic/spiritual energetic wrapped in a musical idiom influenced by 60’s and 70’s folk, American and British pop and, of course, classic rock.”

On Homo Luminous, Chris Amodeo And The Modern Minds put together a transformational musical romp that uplifts with smart, transcendent lyrics, strong hooky melodies, layered guitars, lush B3 and backup singers from Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones.

Stay tuned for several brand new songs they just recorded.